The Society education matters e.V.

education matters e.V. is a charitable organization founded in June 2012 by students and young adults. Inspired by Mark Ballandies' experiences during his year of voluntary service in Uganda/Africa we want to develop ideas together and continue the work Mark successfully started.

Our aims:

We want to support disadvantaged children, teenagers and young adults in East Africa to pursue an education. Every human being of every ethnic group, religion, or gender should have the possibility to go to school. Depending on their skills and interests we want to support these children and show them new perspectives for their future.

We do not only focus on their education in school, but also try to further their academic career according to individual abilities and interests.

Especially social and cultural subjects are important to us, because they often fall short in regular school. Young people should be aware of topics and problems directly or indirectly related to them. Therefore we try to educate self-confident students who's characters grow further in the future.

Furthermore we not only want to strengthen the relationship between nations in Africa, but also their relationship with Europe and other countries in the world.

Our work:

With our sponsorship program in Kampala/Uganda we currently support more than 30 children and young adults. The children are supported from primary school until they finish their education in vocational training or university degree where possible. 

We also take care of idividual needs of the kids, as drivers licenses and passports where necessary. Healthcare is provided for all children in the programme.

Read more about our Sponsorship Programme.

We also arrange annual exchange projects between students in Uganda and children in Tanzania to give the students a platform for new impressions and open their minds for other nations.

Every donation goes directly in the specific project without any administration charge. We hold very close contact to our partners in Africa to make sure that every donation is received where it is supposed to.


Every help helps! Become a member for only 10€ per year and you can contribute to the financial backbone of the association, which is needed for our local social worker, for example. Help in administrative areas of the association is also welcome. Accession form to print out or via the contact form!

We maintain very close contact with all our partners in East Africa, who handle our financial resources from Germany extremely responsibly. Every donation flows one-to-one into the desired project without administrative fees.

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