Exchange Program 2019

The Remarkable Experience of the 2019 IT Summer Camp.

In a bid to create a tech-friendly generation in this new digitalized era, education matter e.V. is one of those stakeholders that have stood up to equip the young generation with computer skills through an annual exchange programme.

This year's exchange programme was held under the theme "Introducing computer skills to the youth of East Africa, in specific Uganda and Tanzania". It ran for one week from September 8th - 14th and was hosted at Green Bridge School of Open Technology, Kampala, with the attendance of 23 people including 19 students and 4 coordinators from both Uganda and Tanzania.

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Exchange Program 2013

After the successful first exchange trip between the Tanzanian orphanage "Watoto wetu Tanzania" and the Ugandan school "Divine Mission Junior School" in Dar es Salaam in 2012, it was no question that the cooperation had to be continued. From 6/30/13 to 7/7/13 the second exchange took place - this time students from Tanzania visited Kampala.

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