Computer course 2018

The computer course is taught by Andrew, a computer science student at Ndejje University Kampala (photo).

The course started in 2018 with the aim to teach the older children in the Education Matters e.V. programmes the professional and efficient use of computers. In Uganda, computer education has recently become compulsory in secondary schools. Unfortunately, most schools cannot afford to buy enough equipment for their students. Consequently, a lot is thaught in theory, but the students have no opportunity to put what they have learned into practice on the computer. Due to the lack of practice, most students still regard the use of computers as something that requires too much technical knowledge and do not continue to deal with the topic outside of class.

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Success story Faridah Namuyanja

My name is Namuyanja Faridah born in 1999 and i live in Central Uganda. When I was growing up I did not get a chance see both of my Biological parents because they all died when I was still very young, I actually don’t remember seeing them physically, I see their pictures but that makes me miss them so much, since I did not get a chance to see them.

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Charity run 2017

The local school, Gymnasium Großburgwedel, that the majority of the active education matters members went to, held a charity run. The students chose three nonprofit organisations – one of which was educations matters. You can find a link to the (german) newspaper article below.

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Success story Hassan

My name is Hassan Abdallah, I am from a polygamist family with eight children. My mom died when I was in standard five. Since then we stayed with my stepmother till I finished standard seven as completing primary level education.

My father did not want to send me to school and no one could tell him to send me to school because my mother had already passed away when I was in standard five.

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