Computer course 2018

Below is the picture of the classroom being conducted by Andrew who is a doing Computer studies at Ndejje University in Kampala.

The computer classes are program. which was started in 2018 with the aim of teaching educationmatters children the ability to use computers appropriately and efficiently Recently in Uganda, it was made compulsory for secondary school children to study and learn computer in their classrooms, but unfortunately most of the schools cannot afford to buy enough computers for their students. instead, they teach them more theoretical than practical things. This has made most of the student remain ignorant about computer and viewing it as something which needs too much technical skills to practice it.


Besides that, we ought to prepare our children to be future successful employers, because currently most of the employers want employees to have basic computer skills since computers are becoming common and more used than before, they are cheaper, faster, and dependent and can easily retain information. Therefore it is due to the above reasons and others that we came up with the idea of teaching our children computer skills. The class started with 8 children who are between S.1 to S.4. They come on Sundays in the morning and leave in the evening. During this period from the time they report at the office, they have two sessions, the first session is usually for theory and after taking their lunch they go for a second session which is usually practical.

The following are the benefits registered so far They have learnt to use Microsoft word, Excel, power point, working with folders, copying and pasting. They have also learnt to use electronic communication like email and facebook, which are staple of the modern society

The children have been able to engage with each other during this activity. They usually make groups of 2/3 people and discus about the theory taught by the teacher and at the end they put it into practice. In case one of them did not pick something well in class while the teacher is teaching, the group helps him understand it well, this has also helped them to collaborate with each other.

Challenges encountered

We lack enough computers where two kids had to use one computer, and during the time of test, one would wait for another to first finish. We hope to mobilize for more laptops so that everyone can be able to use his or her own computer.

Another challenge was limited time, the kids had only one day in a week yet they had a lot to learn so at the end they get less than what we planned to teach them. We are looking forward to see if we can get mobilize ourselves and have extra classes during holidays.

Last but not least, we would like to thank our sponsors; this is a great idea that will not leave the children the same, so I encourage us to continue supporting it even during holidays.


Thank you
Victoria Nakafeero