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The Parabel of the Starfish

On the beach lie countless starfish washed up by the current. A girl takes one starfish after another into her hand and throws them back into the ocean. When a man comes by he says: “Don’t you see that the entire beach is full of starfish? You’ll never be able to save all of them! What you are doing does not change a thing!” The girl carefully picks up the next starfish from the ground and shows it to him so that he can see its distinctive characteristics and replies to him “For this specific starfish it will make a difference!” and then she throws it back into the ocean as far as she can.

Thönse Streetfestival 2014

As an alternative to the Rasenmähertreckerrennen Thönse, which was known nationwide and had been held for the last time ever in 2013, its organizer Thönse24 e.V. hosted a street festival in Thönse for the first time.

On this occasion we were allowed to represent our NGO with a stand free of charge among bouncy castle and others.

Even slight rainfall could not dampen the mood so that we were able to conduct lots of engaging dialogue.

In addition to information about the NGO the visitors were awaited by native Ugandan treats which were praised despite of our improvable cooking talents.

At last we are glad to have received numerous monetary contributions and we want to thank all the donors.