Sponsorship Programme

A lot of children in Uganda and Tanzania are refused to get access to education. Due to a poor family environment a lot of children are forced to start working early to secure the income of their familys. Without a proper education the children almost don't have opportunities to improve their living conditions on their own. 2010 we founded the Divine Mission Sponsorship Project in Kampala (Uganda) to be actively engaged and inprove the living and education situation of vulnerable children in Uganda.

The aim of the project is to enable children and youth their education. We support children and youth at the age of 3-21. Our work enables each child an individual support.

It means in effect that our sponsors only bear the costs that the parents or guardians of the children are not able to pay on their own.

Organisation on the Ground

The children of our sponsorship programme are guided by our local coordinator Mr. David Mukasa. He is responsible for the communication between the children, the teachers and parents resp. guardians. Moreover he is always approachable for the children on the ground.

In order to ensure a regular contact between the children and the sponsors, Mr. Mukasa coordinates the exchange of letters.

Organisation in Germany

The organisation education matters e.V. is approachable by the sponsors and can be reached through following email address:
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Costs of a Sponsorship

Potential sponsors have the opportunity to choose one of the three sponsorship categories:

Category 1:

Payment of the school fees

Category 2:

Payment of the school fees & school uniform

Category 3:

Payment of the schol fees, school uniform & other necessities (e.g. books, sugar & hygiene products etc.)

The monthly contribution reaches a total of 7-50 Euro per month.

Duration of the Sponsorship

The school system in Uganda and Tanzania is structured in seven years of primary school and six years secondary school. We try to find sonsors that are willing to support a child up to the end of its primary resp. secondary school. In general all sponsors can choose after their sponsor child finished primary school whether they are willing to continue the sponsorship up to the end of its secondary education.

Sponsor Children

The sponsors can choose their sponsor child by the help of short profiles of the children that content personal data, interessts and visit reports.