Exchange 2019

The Remarkable Experience of the 2019 IT Summer Camp.

In a bid to create a tech-friendly generation in this new digitalized era, education matter e.V. is one of those stakeholders that have stood up to equip the young generation with computer skills through an annual exchange programme.

This year's exchange programme was held under the theme "Introducing computer skills to the youth of East Africa, in specific Uganda and Tanzania". It ran for one week from September 8th - 14th and was hosted at Green Bridge School of Open Technology, Kampala, with the attendance of 23 people including 19 students and 4 coordinators from both Uganda and Tanzania.

The programme has been very beneficial to the students who got a chance to be part of this great opportunity, the students' negative attitude towards computer, the phobia to use it, has changed drastically through the IT trainings and exposure during the camp.

To our Organisation’s social worker Victoria one of the organizers of the 2019 IT camp, it opened the children's mind, "By the time the kids joined the camp, especially those from Tanzania, they did not have a clue on how to use a computer, Vici said, some were afraid of even opening the computer." The camp has changed the kids' attitude towards tech.

During the camp, the kids were equipped with skills in various computer programmes like Microsoft Office, Office PowerPoint, Computer Programming; website development, Java script, emails creation among others. "I learnt how to make a folder, send an email, write and draw pictures using canvas", Eliakim Philipo, one of the students from Tanzania commented.

The students also had a great experience when they visited the IT section of one of the most important government offices, called The Office of Auditor General. This was very exciting as students got an opportunity to meet the Auditor General himself who explained to them his roles and responsibilities.

On completion of the one week course, each student was awarded with a certificate for attending the IT camp.

The camp was crowned with games and sports at Lakeside Adventure in Mukono away from Kampala to relax from the weekly fatigue.

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