Sponsorship Programme

Sponsorship Programme

Many children in Uganda and Tanzania have no access to fundamental school education.

A lack of financial resources is the most common reason for a family to deny their child or children attendance to a school. In some unfortunate cases, families are forced to rely on their children to work and contribute to the income.

The Ugandan and Tanzanian school systems do not guarantee access to a free education.

Children growing up without formal education have few opportunities to improve their living conditions, even as adults, and thus often get stuck in an unlucky social position.

The aim of our Sponsorship Programme is, to equip children and youths with a formal education fit to their needs and interests.

This means, that we do not drop our support with the hand-out of secondary school diploma, but keep the kids in the programme until they finish vocational training or acquire a university diploma.

History of the sponsorship programme

We started our Sponsorship Programme in 2010 as “Divine Mission Sponsorship Project” in Kampala, Uganda. The title referred to the first school that was involved in the programme.

In 2012 the programme - and our organization - was renamed and is since running as education matters Sponsorship Programme.

We were able to grow the programme, include more children, and expand our programme to Tanzania.

The Sponsorship Programme is undoubtedly the core and heart of our endeavours as education matters e.V.

Communication and Coordination

In 2016 Victor Nakafeero started working at education matters e.V. in Kampala. She took it upon herself, to coordinate the payments of school fees and is the person of trust for the children in the Sponsorship Programme. Read more about Viki here!

We have a system set up of coordinators for each Sponsorship. This means, every active member of education matters e.V. is responsible for up to six sponsored children, getting regular updates from Vici, the children themselves, sometimes the school or other available sources.

This also includes the communication between the child and their sponsor.

By following this setup, we want to guarantee each child the ideal path for their education.

Active members of education matters e.V. are in Uganda or Tanzania regularly and keep in touch with the kids on the programme.

Direct communication between the children and their sponsors is also desired by us, especially with the older children.

What does it cost?

Every Sponsorship is individually fit to the needs of the child and/or family.

In some cases, there is only the need for school fees for a day school to be paid, sometimes a boarding school is needed with all expenses.

Common positions are:

  • School fees
  • Books
  • Uniforms and shoes
  • Board and lodging
  • Medical costs and hygiene products

The fees for secondary schools and higher education are generally higher than elementary school fees, thus changing the cost of one sponsorship throughout the years.

We encourage long-term sponsorships, ideally terminating with the end of education of the child, youths or young adult sponsored.

We offer split-sponsorships, where the cost for one sponsorship is spread between two or even more sponsors and coordinate these.

Costs for a Sponsorship can vary between 15 and 50 € per months.

If you are interested in supporting education matters Sponsorship Programme, please send us an e-mail to info@edu-matters.org for further information.

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