Success Story Hassan

My name is Hassan Abdallah, I am from a polygamist family with eight children. My mom died when I was in standard five. Since then we stayed with my stepmother till I finished standard seven as completing primary level education.

My father did not want to send me to school and no one could tell him to send me to school because my mother had already passed away when I was in standard five.


I lived and worked on the street for three years until I met Evans Tegete who promised to send me back to school for secondary school level. When I finished secondary school, I continued with high school.

After finishing high school, I wanted to join university for a bachelor degree but Evans told me that he could not afford sending me to university after he had failed getting a loan from the government for the bachelor study.

During that time, I met Nele Kr├╝ger at Watoto Wetu Tanzania where she did volunteer work for one year. I talked to her about my problem and asked her if I could get a sponsor who would support me with my bachelor study. She included me to the program of education matters e.V. who started to sponsor me from the first year to the third year of my studies.

I thank all my sponsors who supported me through education matters e.V. for their contribution. With your support I managed to finish my Bachelor degree of information and communication technology.

My plan for the future

  1. work with society
  2. to have a center for helping people with educational advices, child advocacy and protection
  3. to develop myself and taking a second-degree course (masters)
  4. to get capital for opening office which will serve mention work in (ii)

Thank you again to everyone who helped me achieving my first degree.

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