My name Nabakka Hanifah.

I was born in 1997, I am the 4th child out of 5 children in my family. I was born and raised in Kampala, I studied my primary level at Divine Mission School on Salaama Road on day program, the school was near my home so it was easy for me to walk there. While growing up I was a smart girl in class and I always had good results but my main challenge was school fees, my mother was selling clothes and my father was a tailor so they both could not afford raise enough money to take care of me and my other 4 siblings. As we grew up, we went to new classes which required more money for school fees and requirements yet my parent’s income was not increasing, so time reached when it was so hard for my parents to afford. The good thing was, Mr. Musisi the director of Divine Mission School was a nice and patient person, he would let us study even when we have not paid school fees in time.

In my primary seven in 2010, I met Mark and his team, they had come to Divine Mission school to work as volunteers, it is during this time when they realized that a number of kids were studying in this school without paying or completing their school fees, they sat and agreed to help the school and some children in any way they could, this is when my name was registered plus a few other children in the school. After a few months of waiting, Mark and David came to my home and gave me good news that I had got a sponsor who was going to pay my school fees until I finish my studies. I felt so lucky, I knew with this kind of help I was going to make it in the future, I was going to be a successful great woman without any hindrance. I knew I was going to study without being sent back home for school fees, I was so happy and relieved.

In 2011 and I joined secondary school in S.1 at K.Garden Groove secondary school on a boarding program because it was not near my home and still I preferred boarding section because I wanted to concentrate more on my studies than anything else, it went on well, I studied and finished my S.6 in 2016. Despite other challenges, I managed to complete my secondary school without missing any year or term without going to school, my school fees was always paid and a few school requirements, I never missed any school essential requirements, this enabled me finish my secondary school in time, successfully and with good results.

After getting my S.6 results, I had to decide the course of study and which university I should go to, with the help of Vicky and a few friends, I managed to select a course which was Bachelor’s of Arts in Education at Kampala University I chose this course because I wanted to be a teacher, to pass the knowledge to the next generation, also it is easier to get a teaching job than any other professions in Uganda and still you can teach in more than one school. I faced challenges, but I thank God that among the challenges, school fees was never a problem to me, it was always fully paid in time.

At university, everything was new, no one was telling me what to do and not to do, I was used to directions from my teachers but at university, you have to know what you want and be determined to achieve it, so after a few months I got used to this kind of self driven new environment. Here I faced challenges just like any other students but I managed to finish my course without any retakes, I achieved this through determination, commitment, hard work (revising and doing research, consulting my lecturers), making good friends, counseling and guidance.

Right now I do hold a Bachelor’s of Arts in Education, (Teacher of History and Luganda)

I am planning to search for a school where I will be teaching after lock down, I will be teaching History and Luganda from S.1 to S4 classes. I also plan to do masters in the near future.

I would like to thank my Sponsor for sponsoring and supporting my career, you are my hero. I also thank the entire committee of Education Matters eV, Mark, David and Vicky. I and other children wouldn’t have been who we are without your help, I am so proud of you all. Joerg Ballandies, thank you for always checking on me both at school and home, and being there for us every time we need you, you are a father to us all.

Thank you Education Matters eV entire committee, thank you my sponsor Joseph Arts.

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